Please welcome Pfanner to our Norwegian portfolio!

Conaxess Trade Norway is proud to work with Pfanner and take the brand to a new level in the Norwegian market. We will handle their total portfolio in Norway with immediate effect.

Pfanner is a wholly family-owned company, owned by the Pfanner, Schneider and Dietrich families, who run the company jointly with an external management team. The company’s roots go back to 1856 when Max Hermann Pfanner established the company in Austria. Due to the mild climate they had easy access to apples and pears. The Pfanner family uses the fruits collected by the farmers to produce fruit wine. In 1983 Pfanner becomes a pioneer of iced tea production. Not much has changed about the careful production process since then: the teas are still freshly brewed today! Pfanner launched the first 2-litre pack with screw top, which today is the most popular packaging type in Germany. Today they distribute their products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

The love of fruits has been the basis for the high standard of quality for more than 160 years. Through creativity and innovation, they deliver healthy and enjoyable products and with a strong focus on organic products. They work with local farmers and focus on non-genetically modified and uses no synthetic pesticides or mineral nitrogen fertilisers on the fruits and vegetables. Careful pressing and gentle heating without the addition of sugar, preservatives or other additives means that the natural character of the juice is retained.

Pfanner is aware of the ecological impact of its business activities and takes this responsibility for the environment seriously. They continue to develop in harmony with society and are committed to sustainability and the preservation of resources. They make efficient use of plants and resources and create a high level of cost awareness in all areas.

Pfanner is most known for their Iced Tea in the Norwegian market. It is the made from fine black tea varieties and is freshly brewed in accordance with the highest quality standards. Rose hips and hibiscus flowers add the finishing touch to the delicate and tangy black tea base. The added fruity juice turns Pfanner Iced Tea into a refreshing taste experience. The carefully selected Pfanner teas are always freshly brewed. The gentle preparation method brings out the characteristic full-bodied tea flavour.

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