Brand of the month: Frisk

Frisk is the iconic brand that provides sugar free products that guarantee instant freshness in the most effective and convenient way.

Frisk was invented in 1986 by a Belgian entrepreneur in the pharmacy channel. The product immediately sold itself after consumers fell for its extreme freshness and the small and discreet format. Due to the success Frisk was also distributed to the Netherlands, Norway, Canada and Japan. In 1996 Frisk was the first imported product to obtain recognition as the ‘best food product of the year’ in Japan. In 1995 Frisk International, was acquired by Perfetti – now Perfetti van Melle.

Frisk is divided into two families; The Frisk Powermints which has been on the market for 20 years. The Frisk Powermint is functional and is focusing on a powerful refreshing effect in a small discreet mint. The other family – the Frisk XXL – was launched in 2018. The tablet is bigger and comes in a bigger box in a variety of flavors.

Frisk is a popular brand in Norway. The brand is to be found in all main grocery store across the country. Frisk Powermint Eucalyptus is the bestseller and is one of the top 5 product in the category. The most popular flavor of the Frisk XXL, is strawberry. This year we will expand the Frisk XXL with a new product in Norway: Frisk 2 hours clean breath, which is already a proven success in other countries.


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